Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to browse around, check out some of my photos from my experiences at home and abroad or take a look at my professional clips and resume.

As a student, I’ve been involved in campus publications since my first year at Drake. I began as a staff writer for the weekly, award-winning and student-run Times Delphic newspaper, writing on topics from city council races to fraternity and sorority life. Later, I graduated to copy editor and then features editor my junior year after a semester abroad in Perth, Australia. There, I blogged for the American Institute of Foreign Study on the Australian culture and community.

During the caucus season, I worked with national media, including CNN, Yahoo! News and NBC that came to Des Moines to cover the political circus. During this time, I also watched presidential candidates stand on chairs in craft breweries, speak on hay bails and argue with students. My senior year, I became the editor-in-chief of the Drake Political Review, a non-partisan political publication that invites students of all years and majors to write about the issues that are close to their hearts.

Professionally, I spent the summer of 2016 working at the Philadelphia Inquirer as a copy editor, where I learned to work on deadline and edit stories quickly but efficiently. I also learned how to navigate the subway system like a local.

When I’m not studying, working or eating, I’m reading a new book, writing a new story, or cooking a new dish (so, preparing to eat). If you want to learn more, you can contact me via social or my email on my contact page or below.