Since I was a first-year student, I’ve written for the Times-Delphic student newspaper at Drake University. Later on, I wrote, edited and am now the editor-in-chief of the Drake Political Review, a nonpartisan political publication produced every semester. With around four years under my belt, I’ve accumulated over a dozen stories that required interviews, planning, creating, meeting, and time allotted for getting lost on the way to meetings. Through this process I’ve fallen more in love with writing, and some of my favorite samples are below. More samples of my writing and online editions of the newspaper can be found on the Times-Delphic’s website, or in the fall 2016 edition of DPR. The spring 2017 edition of DPR can also be found here.

Urban Plains

Urban Plains is a website that features stories on the residents and culture of the Midwest, with content created by senior journalism students at Drake University.

A Struggle for Recovery

Two counties in the Midwest have some of the highest numbers of meth labs in the country. In this piece, I explore why the rural Midwest has become a hotbed for meth activity and how addiction can affect the lives of those in small communities.

Combatting Hunger on the South Side

On the South Side of Chicago, the Gary Comer Youth Center is the brightest landmark in the neighborhood. Volunteers and students at the center work to lessen food insecurity and give youth a place to express their passions.

Drake Digital News

Drake Digital News is an online platform where students can submit and public articles featuring video, audio and visual content to be viewed by the Drake community.

Spooky Paws Parade

Last fall, I got up early on a Sunday morning and drove downtown Des Moines to record hundreds of dogs marching down the street for the Spooky Paws Parade. Along with being the most adorable moment of my life, the parade allowed me to hone my video recording and storytelling skills. This clip also demonstrates my ability to edit together frames of video to fit with an overarching narrative.

Beautiful Bulldog Contest

My sophomore year, I wrote this article  on the Beautiful Bulldog contest, an annual event at Drake University that acts as the kickoff to the Drake Relays. With this article, a partner recorded the audio and I edited it to create a multi-platform story.

Drake Political Review

Third Party Voters

I wrote this article for the Fall 2016 edition of the Drake Political Review. Following the election, many wondered why voters turned to third parties instead of one of the mainstream candidates. I explored this topic with the help of the chair of the Libertarian Party of Iowa and a Drake professor who ran for the statehouse as a Green Party candidate.

The Times-Delphic

Peggy’s Tavern

For the Relays edition of the Times-Delphic, I wrote an article about many students’ favorite campus bar, Peggy’s Tavern. This Relays staple expands out under a tent in their parking lot during Relays, inviting both students and alumni to mingle and celebrate.

Food Trucks

This article was written in the fall of my junior year for The Times-Delphic. I interviewed the president of the Legion of Food, which organized the event, the executive director of the Des Moines Social Club, who was involved in the movement to get the food trucks permanent permits to park downtown Des Moines.

Farmers Markets

For this article, I interviewed the executive directors of the Beaverdale Farmers Market, the Des Moines Farmers’ Market, and the Historic Valley Junction’s Farmers Market. The piece was written for The Times-Delphic to inform students about healthy, local and affordable food options.